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The Bells of St. Peter's Church, Ipsley, Worcestershire Peal of six bells (3 ancient, 3 modern) rehung in a new frame with new fittings in 1971 by John Taylor & Co, Loughborough


BellDiameterToneWeightFounder Date
Tenor3'3"Ab10.5 cwt.John Martin, Worcester 1664
Second2'11"Bb7.75 cwt.John Martin, Worcester 1664
Treble2'8"C6 cwt.Worcester Foundry 14th Century
Treble2'6"Db5.25 cwt.Taylor, Loughborough 1971
Treble2'4"Eb4.5 cwt.Taylor, Loughborough 1971
Treble2'2"F3.75 cwt.Taylor, Loughborough 1971


The Tenor bell is inscibed "Glory to God alone, peace unto men."
The Second bell is inscibed "All praise and glory be to God forever."
The Treble C is a royal bell bearing the impression of a coin of the early Edwards.
The latin inscription is "O Robert when this warning bell doth sound with prayer the fiend repel." It also has king and queen head stops.





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