Bell Ringers

1399 volunteers and YOU!

A national appeal has been launched to mark the 100 year anniversary of the end of the First World War, to replace the 1400 ringers who were lost their lives during WWI.  Here at Ipsley, we would love to recruit more ringers. If you are reading this, then we guess that you have some interest in bells, and would love to welcome you to our tower one Friday evening to find out more!  If you bring someone with you who is also interested, then that leaves just another 1398 recruits to find to reach the national target.  Further details can be found here  

Our current volunteers are busy people and we currently struggle to find enough people to ring for two evening services a month, and provide a team to ring at weddings. If we recruited enough new ringers we would have sufficient ringers to ring all the bells for two services a month, would be self-sufficient for wedding ringing and could ring for even more services!  

People always tell me how they love to hear the bells being rung. It is, after all, such a quintessential English sound.  It is also a very important witness. The sound of the bells reminds both the local community and visitors to Arrow Valley Park, that the church is here.  God's people are gathered. This is a safe place.

It is also a great privilege to ring. Our fourth and fifth bells have been ringing out over this area for hundreds of years.  It is quite sobering to realise that the 4th bell was ringing out over part of the Forest of Feckenham at the time of the Great Fire of London!

It takes between 6 months and a year to reach a good standard of ringing. Bells are ancient musical instruments. It takes time to learn the skills required to ring them well.  You cannot take up ringing one week and expect to be a competent ringer the next, but we are a very friendly bunch and love to welcome anyone who is interested in learning to ring.  For further detail email Rosie at


Practise Night - Friday 7 - 9pm

Anyone interested in learning to ring is welcome to join us.
Please use the 'Peter door'  - follow the entrance signs and use the 'ringers door bell' attached to the glass door, which will summonds a ringer to let you in and won't disturb any other groups using the building.

Service ringing - first and third Sundays of the month 5:30 - 6:30pm, plus after service ringing.

A small team of ringers has been regularly ringing the bells for a couple of years and would love to teach others to ring.  
Recruits should be at least 10 years of age and in good health.

The sound of bells ringing out is a reminder to the local community that people are meeting regularly to worship God.

For further information about ringing contact

Rosie Humphrey 07540 556142

Chris Tennant 07547 175053

Catherine McLaren 07900 986121

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