Baptisms and Thanksgivings for children


Having a baby certainly changes things in life. It is hard to not look into your child's eyes and marvel and wonder about life, and just how blessed you are for this little one who has entered your life.

Jesus blessed little children such as yours, and it is our desire to also do so.


We would welcome the opportunity to give thanks to God for the wonder of this little creation that you have been given to nurture and raise.

The church offers a service of thanksgiving which is able to take place in any one of our church buildings.

This service includes the blessing of parents, the blessing and naming of the child. This is a service of thanksgiving for this great gift, your baby. It is offered to any person who desires to thank God for this wonderful gift.



Baptism is the ancient rite of the Church for welcoming people of all ages into life in Jesus Christ. It includes the symbolic washing with water, the lighting of a candle, signing with the cross and making of promises before God and the congregation to live out that life as a follower of Jesus Christ.


Our  churches take those promises seriously and so baptism is offered throughout the year for those people who have expressed their faith in the saving grace of Christ and committed themselves to following Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. 

Children are included in this rite and may be baptized when parents make promises to faithfully raise their children as followers of Jesus Christ. Parents who do this must demonstrate such willingness through their own previous commitment to the Church.

Baptism is therefore about making promises to live a lifestyle which includes regular worship of God, studying the bible, and living in such a way that others will know you follow Jesus Christ.

We welcome any person who wishes to consider baptism and would be most happy to discuss the process and way forward.

For further information please contact either one of the clergy team (see Parish Contact) or the Parish Church office on 01527-516351 or via email on

The Church of England offers information about Christenings for parents and godparents.


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