25th Anniversary

On Sunday 4th November, 1990, the first service was held in St. John's church, which means that this autumn the church will be 25 years old!  

Under the banner
'25 for 25' we aim to do 25 items during the following 12 months, starting with a service of celebration to which we will invite as many people as we can track down who have worshipped with us over the years. We realise that not everyone will be able to make that particular date, as always we welcome visitors to all of our services.  The list of items will be updated as plans develop, so do keep checking here to find out what is happening.

25 for 25

1. Service of Celebration - Sunday 1st November - looking back at how the church came to be built and giving thanks for continued blessings.

2. History of St. John's - Dot is researching the history of the church.

3Carols at the Scout Hut - community link with Scouts and new development in Harris close and surrounding area (Wednesday 16 December, 2015.)

4. Donation of Books to Woodrow First School

5. Woodrow Carols - Community Carols outside Woodrow Library at 4:15pm on Thursday 17th December.

6.  Carols on the Car Park - Community Carols on St. John's car park, Dowlers Hill Crescent on Monday 21st December

7. Service of Celebration as part of Week of prayer for Christian Unity Wed 20 January, 2016.

8. Joint Service of Celebration led by the Bishop of Worcester - Sun 24 Jan

- That is almost a third of the 25 events!

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